“Amel Tafsout is a very rare and wonderful resource for the dance community: she is a primary source – someone who has lived the dance she is teaching and performing. It’s her heritage. She knows exactly what she is talking about, and knows how to convey her knowledge to her students. These words may make youthink that Amel might be authoritarian or pedantic, but nothing could be further from the truth. She helps her students find the joy of dance, and her workshops are really fun. Students laugh, but they also learn. You can’t beat that combination.As a performer, Amel makes North African Maghreb dance come alive.She is entertaining and mesmerizing, whether she is conveying the pride and dignity of the Algerian woman, or demonstrating traditional gestures such as sowing, or sharing a laugh with the audience. Her energy, charisma, and authenticity set her apart from other performers of traditional dance.I have sponsored Amel for several years in a row, and look forward to doing so again in the future. She’s a sponsor’s dream: flexible, easy to get along with, very pleasant company... and she delivers. She really connects with the students, and they rave after every workshop.” - Latifa Lynda Wilkinson ( Oct.2013)

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