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Reviews from various years:


“ I have always remembered and loved your classes at Mendocino and hope you will come back there soon.” Katherine Quist (2007)


“A couple of months ago I visited your web site and read your writings, which were a real contribution to my work. I am a Chilean dancer and teach some dances of Middle East and North Africa. That is why I am very happy to know your work. It is not easy, at this time, to find experienced teachers whose work to rescue these cultures in its real context and meaning.” Paola Jara Vilches (Feb 2009)


“Yes, yes I do know you, and of course to know you is to love you. You are one of those people who no matter what happens in life I feel as though you are with me all along the way. As if we were great friends forever, like a sister.” Lauren Jeffries-Johnson April 2009


“My dear lady, I feel like you just cast a wonderful spell on my life! I wish for YOU continued success, fun, love and enjoyment of your status as an international treasure - It is a privilege to know you, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross!” Sharon Kihara Sakit (Dec. 2009)


“I wanted to write to you to thank you so much for the wonderful experience at 3rd Coast Tribal Festival in Dallas. You moved me to tears! We are very excited to have you join us for our festival in Chicago in June 2011.” Wendy Pastrick (Jan 2010)


“It's something I can't explain, but always wanted to tell you, how absolutely wonderful you are, and here's one person whose heart you touched! I remember the workshop like it was yesterday, and it's been may be 9 yrs ago that I studied with you. Thank you very much! I miss you so, Love” Gina Zavala (March 2010)


“Hi Amel, I met you in 2009 at the Oasis Dance Camp in New Zealand. I just would like to thank you a lot for giving me your guidance regarding my dancing which changed my dance life... I named my school with the dance name you gave me during 2009 Oasis Dance Camp. My School is called "El Yasmine Bellydance School" I am hoping that I will see you again and learn more from you in the future.” Yurie in New Zealand (April 2010)


“Love and Respect...“ You are an Amazing and PHENOMENAL Goddess...You are a BEAUTIFUL person. You do an EXTRAORDINARY job, making things happen for those you love!!!” Julia D Sanararian (Sept 2010)


“Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. I feel that you are a magnificent dancer! Years ago, I attended a couple of your classes and just loved your free, open and friendly way of teaching.” Zahra King (Sept.2010)


“You became one of the most important people in the world to Algerian dance. Please know that what you do is critical to the survival of Algerian history...Thank you Amel!” Kathleen Voss Woolrich ( Jan. 2011)


“Hi Amel! I took your workshop in Manhattan! Absolutely wonderful, and spirit expanding experience! Thank-you. I wish you well.” Julia Ridley (April 2011)

“Love your workshop at the IBCC Toronto last year. Looking forward to your next visit to Toronto.” Ak Wong (April 2011)


“Just wanted to say again how much I loved learning from you and watching you perform this weekend!” Jade McLellan (April 2011)


“Loved your performance at Tribal Revolution this weekend!” Caitlin Salmon (June 2011)


“ Thank you for your *beautiful* performance last night. Very much looking forward to the next time we see you! Love, Sarah & Erik Schneider Koning from Kalamazoo! (June 2011)


“Hello! I think I'm not the only one who was very inspired by your performance at Tribal Rev. When I play drums I will always try to have the same spirit as you when you dance,and I will never forget your performance. Thanks so much for sharing your grace and spirit!!!!” Sean Servitor Drum (June 2011)


“Thank you for the amazing Sufi workshop in Chicago, Amel - you're beautiful!” Zahara’s Tangled Web (June 2011).


“Thank you so much for the workshop this weekend at Tribal Rev, I feel blessed to have met you and can never put into words what your workshop did for me... thank you.” Shanrae Sahira (June 2011)


“I took your ‘Abdaoui workshop at Tribal Revolution and I wasn't sure what to expect but I was just blown away by your emotion, strength and pride in your culture, it was SO beautiful to see and be a part of it even briefly. Your performance in the gala show was so energizing, uplifting and powerful! I am so thankful I had the chance to meet you and learn from you, and I hope our paths will cross again in the future.” Donna Lee (June 2011)


“I very much enjoyed your workshop at Tribal Rev! I felt at ease and had a lot of fun! I hope you come to Michigan (near Ann Arbor) someday!” Soraza Ray (June 2011)


“It was lovely to meet you Amel. You are a beautiful dancer and hope to be graced with your presence once again.” Stefanie Lynn Loebach (June 2011)


“It was my tremendous honor to study with you in Chicago at Tribal Revolution! I hope to dance with you again in the not-too-distant future!” Charisse Zoh’ra Sisou (July 2011)


“Thank you so much for your class yesterday! What a gift!” Darcy Molloy (Aug. 2011)


“Thank you, my heart is still reeling from hearing you sing. An inspiration to this little lady to open and share the same.” Jasmine Rain (Aug 2011)


“Such a joy to see you perform- and an honor that you purchased my baubles! Thank you, thank you, a million times.” Randy Grey (Aug. 2011)


“Thank you so much for the Friday afternoon class at Jamballah- The sound healing was deeply beautiful.” Janice Alexander (Aug. 2011)


“Thank you for the superb classes at Elevation this year! I had a ball!” Adrienne Cotterell (Aug.2011)


“Words can not begin to describe how much I truly appreciate your help last week. You are the first woman I have met that I feel who can truly guide me in the right direction. Much love” Cashel Campbell (Aug. 2011)


Arab Student Union Hafli! “Hi Amel! I just wanted to say that we had a great time at the Hafli. The music wasabsolutely wonderful and you are such a beautiful dancer! We always enjoy seeing you dance! Chris Schatz (Jan. 2012)


“Dear Amel, you have to come to Chile next year! Let´s make it happen!!!I really love your work and the energy you have as a person, as a woman and as a dancer, it would be a blessing to have you down here in Chile.” Paola Maluje Boroday ( Dec. 2012)


“Thank you so much for bringing so much love and healing to New Orleans. The ladies from the workshop are telling me that they are still experiencing peace and greater focus from the weekend. They are hopeful that you will return and are spreading the word. I heard that your performance brought a few of the students that were not participating in the weekend, to tears with joy.” Krys Sta ( June 2013)


“The weekend experience was incredible. I couldn't miss out on seeing Amel. I was so welcomed by all; it was truly beautiful! And of course, dear Amel was as wonderful as always. She is so sincere, compassionate, filled with joy and skilled with drawing the playfulness from within us. She is also a gifted healer. (…) The weekend has left me peaceful, content with the moments that arise, having energy and joy to be in the moment, and feeling tremendous gratitude. The following words say it all...I have been dancing, singing, enchanted by stories, and finding comfort in sweet moments of silence.... all week!”Adrianne (June 2013)


“Amel is a beautiful winged bird, keeper of wisdom, heart full of passion for life...and still with the essence of a little girl… No one can free style like Amel.” Valerie Fontenot (Sept. 2013)


"Just finished an Andalusian dance workshop with the amazing Amel Tafsout! She's an amazing teacher, lecturer and musician. #never stop learning — with Amel Tafsout." - Kami Liddle


Workshops in Baltimore, Aug. 2013:

“The experience was heart healing and soul uplifting. Amel is a magical person; it's a great honor to work with people like her. She has so much fire and laugh in her; I wish I knew more people like that. It was very interesting to immerse into a different culture.” Galina Tyles.


“OH MY GODDESS!!! Amel, you take my breath away!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Amel YOU ARE the embodiment of the powerful sacred feminine, divine goddess.” Angela Flores (Aug. 2013)


“This is what a belly dance ninja should look like.” Carolyn Leslie Mertz (Aug. 2013)


“Hello Ms. Tafsout! I took your Tunisian dance class at TribO. I loved your class and am so excited to hear that you will be teaching again next year! Thank you!” Luma Medha (Sept. 2013)


“Hi Amel, Lately I have needed some voice healing, and I think of that day at TribOriginal, and it helps.” Luma Medha (Sept. 2013)


Sedona Soulfire wrote: "ANAHATA welcomes the legendary Amel Tafsout!! Basically Amel is what I want to be when a grow up. A women of such inner radiance, beautiful brilliance and connected feminine power. Whether or not you are a dancer, or interested in dance ritual or North African culture I strongly encourage all women to give themselves the opportunity to partake in Amel's wisdom and sharing. Just being around her you will be receiving a transmission. She appears as an embodiment of many profound truths. She is clearly the mistress of her reality, exuding a deep confidence in her feminine fullness that is palpable and infectious.I have known Amel for many years but just this last year had the great opportunity of experiencing a very intimate full day immersion with her. My time with her was unprecedented. She’s the REAL DEAL! She lead us through many song, dance, and ritual practices, she spoke and shared deeply. And the end of the day I felt the most beautiful sense of renewal. My time with her served as a full on energetic cleansing, she guided all of us in truly releasing that which does not serve, leaving us feeling open, receptive able to experience our own divinity.Amel is a life lover, a soul journeyer, a voyager between countries, culture and languages. (…) Through this exploration combined with her own innate magical ways of being, she is a women of profound wisdom, knowledge and inspiration, that so freely shares from her hearts well springs." Sedona Soulfire, May 2013.


"To all my California friends - please boost the signal for this event. Amel is an exquisite dancer, transformational teacher and a seriously kick-butt, take-no-prisoners, you'll know the Universe loves you by being in her presence kind of woman! If you or anyone you know is in the area, tell them that this event is definitely not to be missed! [Yes, this *is* an unpaid promotional announcement - Amel's really that good and good for you.]" Sonia Dumbar ( Sept. 2013)


“ To watch Amel dance, in class, on stage, or on the dance floor, opens the heart, through shimmies and laughter, to a greater understanding of the Art of Community and the Transmission of Joy. She transcends the physicality of the dance and creates a space for healing the soul. She is fearless in sharing herself, her knowledge, and her love with her community and inspires others to be just as fearless.” Krys Sta ( Sept. 2013)


“Amel Tafsout is a rare gem on the Middle Eastern and Tribal Dance Circuit! She is a professor of the history and dances of the Maghreb. I encourage any dancer or sponsor to experience the artistry of this prolific master dancer and teacher from North Africa! Dalia Carella ( Sept. 2013)


"You may believe you are seeking Amel for dance lessons. Perhaps you believe she'll teach you to speak Arabic, or to sing charming North African songs, or to play a hand drum, but it is only Spirit, luring you, inviting you to listen more deeply to the longings of your Soul. To work with Amel is to have the secrets of the Universe revealed, one giggle at a time. For when you stand next to this Sister, the beauty of life and the depth of our humanity, are all revealed, whether clapping our hands, or stamping our feet - shaking the foundations of our life ...all because we thought we were going to take a dance class." Shamsi Sunshine (Sept. 2013)

"Amel Tafsout. You've inspired me to be lots of things I never knew I could be.” Christina Melanson King (Oct.2013)


“Amel Tafsout ist eine der beeindruckendsten Persönlichkeiten die ich in all den Jahren meiner Tätigkeit im Bereich des Orientalischen Tanzes kennenlernen durfte!. Sie ist eine liebenswürdige Lehrerin und ein wahrer Quell des Wissens im Bereich Orientalischer Tanz und Heilung! Danke Amel dass Du bist wie Du bist!”Bahara Kazerouni, Vienna, Austria (Oct.2013)

Latifa Lynda Wilkinson:


“Amel Tafsout is a very rare and wonderful resource for the dance community: she is a primary source – someone who has lived the dance she is teaching and performing. It’s her heritage. She knows exactly what she is talking about, and knows how to convey her knowledge to her students. These words may make you think that Amel might be authoritarian or pedantic, but nothing could be further from the truth. She helps her students find the joy of dance, and her workshops are really fun. Students laugh, but they also learn. You can’t beat that combination.As a performer, Amel makes North African Maghreb dance come alive. She is entertaining and mesmerizing, whether she is conveying the pride and dignity of the Algerian woman, or demonstrating traditional gestures such as sowing, or sharing a laugh with the audience. Her energy, charisma, and authenticity set her apart from other performers of traditional dance.I have sponsored Amel for several years in a row, and look forward to doing so again in the future. She’s a sponsor’s dream: flexible, easy to get along with, very pleasant company... and she delivers. She really connects with the students, and they rave after every workshop.” Latifa Lynda Wilkinson ( Oct.2013)


“Amel Tafsout is a gift to us all. She is a wise and wonderful teacher, dancer and healer. Her workshops are transformational. Her warm personality creates a space where you feel safe to explore new things. Her knowledge and experience present a rare and sincere perspective into to her dance, music, culture and spirit. As a performer she is captivating. As a teacher she is inspiring. She is authentic and willing to share and give context to the world she grew up in. Anyone interested in the culture and dances of North Africa should take any opportunity they can to study with her. You will not regret it!” Belladona Boheme ( Oct.2013)


“Amel Tafsout is the epitome of authenticity. She is from North Africa therefore she quite literally knows her subject from the inside out. Amel was born and raised in Algeria from a highly respected Algerian family and later educated in Algeria, Germany the UK and the U.S. She is fluent in Algerian Arabic and Standard Arabic, French, German and English and she teaches all over the world. Amel navigates these "foreign" waters with ease, humor and grace. Always culturally sensitive in her presentation, she is a staunch defender of true Middle Eastern culture. Her mission statement is to bring to light her people, their dances, their belief systems, their culture and their world. She is a superb communicator and teacher of many subjects. Our dance community is lucky to have her. In a world where her authentic dances are an endangered species, Amel Tafsout is a beacon of light. Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, MA, MSW, LCSW-C ( Oct.2013)


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