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Schedule of Events
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Workshop Calendar

25th -Workshops in San Francisco, CA
Contact: Monica Berini:

1-2nd - Workshops in Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Aubre Hill

MARCH 2014
6-9th - Luminaire in Richmond, VA

APRIL 2014
26-27th - Arab Festival in Monterey, CA
Contact Abdelkader Berrahmoun:

MAY 2014
17th-18th: Workshops in London, UK. Contact Sarah:   

24th - Workshops in London, UK (tbc)

30th - Workshops in Ashaffenburg, Germany
Contact Heike:

JUNE 2014
1st - Workshops in Ashaffenburg, Germany
Contact Heike:

7-9th - Workshops in Vienna, Austria.
Contact: Bahara:

14-15th - Workshops in Ireland .
Contact Audrey:

21-22nd - Workshops in Bristol, UK (tbc) ,
contact: Maria:

First time in California! SUMMER MAGHREB DANCE 5-DAY INTENSIVE, July 30 - August 3, 2014 
download: information | registration
Subjects: 25 hours of instruction on North African Maghreb Dance taught by Amel Tafsout, Including: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and focusing on isolation, steps, hip/ pelvic ( sunshine/ half moon/ full moon coordinations - Amel's vocabulary ), clapping, stamping coordinations, gestures and combinations, a cultural background on dance, the history, Maghreb rhythms, singing. costuming, spirituality in the Maghreb; how to put together a traditional Maghreb dance, daily warm ups and cool downs. Students will receive a detailed manual. Amel will send a detailed schedule as soon as students register. There will be a certificate of completion for all who have attended the full five days. (This certificate does not indicate your skill in Maghreb dance, merely that you have completed the course of instruction.) 

Class music will be available for sale.

Cost: Total cost for the 5-day intensive is $ 800, including classes and lunch. A non-refundable deposit of $200 ( including lunch ) is necessary in order to reserve your spot. EARLY BIRDS WILL GET A DISCOUNT OF $100 IF THEY BOOK BEFORE MAY 15th! The balance due should be paid no later than Monday, June 30 2014. Day-trippers may be permitted if and only if the workshop does not sell out. The cost for day tripping is $ 200 a day. Amel only does this intensive once a year and people come from all over the country and from other countries as well and it almost always sells out. Please remember that space is VERY limited so register early and reserve your slot by sending a $200 nonrefundable deposit. You are not registered until Amel gets your deposit. (Message Amel for mailing address.)

14th -17th - Belly Dance Convention in Cincinatti, contact Zahara:

* * August 31st- Sept. 7th -
Dance Camp in Fez, Morocco * *
Contact Amel

9/17-9/22 - Workshops in Los Angeles (tbc)
Contact: Nancy Tedder

26-28th - New Orleans, Louisiana
Contact Krys Sta:

10-12th - Workshops & show in St. Louis, Missouri

Contact: Ami:

24th -26th: Workshops in Washington DC,
Contact Artemis Mourat:

7-9th - Arab Dance Seminar in Texas/New Mexico

AUGUST 2015 - Workshops and shows in Chile

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Dance Festival in Las Vegas (TBC)








“The experience was heart healing and soul uplifting. Amel is a magical person; it'sa great honor to work with people like her. She has so much fire and laughter in her; I wish I knew more people like that. It was very interesting to immerse into a different culture.”
Galina Tyles. ( Aug.2013)

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