Extended Biography:

Click here to download a document featuring Amel Tafsout's extensive teaching and performance history.

“Amel Tafsout is the epitome of authenticity. She is from North Africa therefore she quite literally knows her subject from the inside out. Amel was born and raised in Algeria from a highly respected Algerian family and later educated in Algeria, Germany the UK and the U.S. She is fluent in Algerian Arabic and Standard Arabic, French, German and English and she teaches all over the world. Amel navigates these "foreign" waters with ease, humor and grace. Always culturally sensitive in her presentation, she is a staunch defender of true Middle Eastern culture. Her mission statement is to bring to light her people, their dances, their belief systems, their culture and their world. She is a superb communicator and teacher of many subjects. Our dance community is lucky to have her. In a world where her authentic dances are an endangered species, Amel Tafsout is a beacon of light."

Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, MA, MSW, LCSW-C ( Oct.2013)


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